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Bonbonniere a Chocolate Workshop

Raspberry and Champagne Truffle made by my own fair hand
In June this year I was lucky enough to win a competition in Shropshire Magazine - a Chocolate Making Workshop for two from Bonbonniere. So at the end of September myself and friend Tracy, made our way to Shrewsbury for a day of chocolaty delights. 

Bonbonniere is a Shrewsbury based company, owned and run by Melanie Fallon who is a master of all things chocolate, and our host for the day. There were six ladies on the workshop, we were all treated to a glass of champagne or juice to start our day. Whilst I remembered to take my camera, I'll admit to forget my notepad and pen #bloggerfail. Which would of been very useful, for all the hints and tips learnt through the day. 

To start we learnt about the types of chocolate, from those grown in South America to Africa including and most importantly the taste test. We then watched whilst Melanie demonstrated making chocolate ganache for making truffles, adding in pistachios and champagne.
Pistachio and Champagne ganache
Next we split into groups to make our own truffles, we used some of the strong South American chocolate combined with a small amount of the fruity and smooth African chocolate. We heated butter and cream, then added a sugar solution to help the truffles keep - although they were eaten within a day! We then added this to the chocolate and stirred until melted and smooth. We added raspberries and champagne for flavouring, then left the ganache to cool whilst we went for a very tasty lunch.
Back from lunch and the fun really began. It was definitely a case of rolling up your sleeves to start shaping the ganache into truffle sized balls. Try as I might my hands got into something of a chocolaty mess, but trust me I was not the only one. It was terribly tempting to lick your fingers though. You could choose to  either roll your truffles in cocoa powder, or dip them into melted milk or white chocolate. There were lots of decorating options such as sprinkles, glitter, gold spray, nuts etc. I settled on some dried raspberries, pink glitter, red sprinkles and some gold spray. Now if I do say so myself I'm very proud of the chocolates I produced and think they wouldn't look out of place for sale in a shop.

Here is a selection of the chocolates made at the workshop by myself and fellow trainee chocolatiers. At the end of the workshop the chocolates were judged and the winner received a large chocolate hamper. Sarah won with her gold themed chocolates, well deserved and very appropriate in this an Olympic year.
We had a thoroughly enjoyable day, and I think it's fair to say that chocolate truffles will feature in my Christmas gifts this year. I will also be keeping an eye out for a new macaroon workshop Melanie is planning. I'm giving Bonbonniere my Shropshire's Best badge of approval - fabulous!
Myself, Melanie and Tracy complete with gift wrapped chocolates
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  1. What a brilliant day and they all look lush. I am now craving chocolate!

  2. The chocolates look beautiful:)

  3. Wow! Your truffles look wonderful. I am so impressed. Chocolate scares me...it's the tempering part! How do I get on your Christmas list? : )

  4. What a FAB prize Angela and also LOVELY to see you again too, in the photo! Those chocolates look DIVINE too......Karen


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