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Cake Pops Strawberry Sweet Treats

How I made my first Cake Pops. I've been intending to make cake pops since the end of last year when I bought a kit from Cake International Show in November.  I'd anticipated setting time aside to focus on following instructions and perfecting technique. But in the end that plan went out of the window, instead it went something like this. 
How to make Strawberry Chocolate Cake Pops
Cake Pops Sweet Treats
I'd made my niece's Seaside birthday cake, and had some left over cake trimmings, with an hour or so to spare, I had a sudden urge to Cake Pop! I measured nothing, looked up no instructions and went for broke, and yes I think it paid off. 
Cake Pops Jammy Dodger
Cake Pops - Jammy Dodger

The week before I made some decorations I'd originally intended to use on the seaside cake but were now going spare. Miniature donuts, ice lollies, biscuits and pie, all made with sugar paste, a mould, lustre dust and a steady hand.

Strawberry Chocolate Cake Pops
Strawberry Chocolate Cake Pops 

Leftovers guide to Cake Pops!

  • Step 1 - Crumble up cake crumbs
  • Step 2 - Add leftover butter cream, mould into balls
  • Step 3 - Pop balls into fridge for 30 ish minutes 
  • Step 4 - Melt strawberry chocolate melts* 
  • Step 5 - Pushed stick into ball, removed and dipped stick into chocolate and pushed back into ball
  • Step 6 - Dipped into chocolate
  • Step 7 - Added decoration and left to dry
*Cake Pop Tip - my friend Wendy who's a dab hand at making cake pops, always recommends melting the chocolate in tall narrow container so you can dip the ball of cake into, easily covering the ball but without wasting too much chocolate. My sundae glass was perfect for this task.

I'll admit to there be one casualty during the process, the very last cake ball I was dipping into the chocolate seemed to be pulled off the stick by a vacuum of chocolate. I managed to rescue it, but it did lose it's shape. Look closely at the cake pops with the slice of pie.

I thought that visually they really delivered a wow! Although for taste satisfaction it's not like eating a piece of cake but it was helped by them being covered in strawberry chocolate. If I ever have any left over sponge I will certainly cake pops again.
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  1. They look great - I especially like the jammie dodger one! Would be great for a child's party. xx

  2. So beautiful! I love the one with the ice cream on!
    Have a great week!

  3. They are fab! I've been meaning to make these soon too. Love the decorations!

    1. Thank you Kat the decorations really do make them special.

  4. Everything you bake always looks so pretty! I haven't tried cake pops yet because I can't bear the thought of squishing up a cake! I am holding out for a day when one of my nieces visits. I think this would be a project any little girl would love!

    P.S. That Jammy Dodger dec is just TOO cute! : )

    1. Thanks for the lovely words Debs. I'll admit squishing up the sponge did feel rather alien :)

  5. They look fantastic! I have still yet to try them even though they sound so simple! The decorations are amazing! They must have taken forever! Did you use specialist moulds? xx

    1. The decorations did take a while I'd made them a week or two earlier using a special mould, I'll be writing a blog post on how I did them soon.

  6. These look amazing. Thanks for the great sundae glass tip!

  7. Gorgeous!! Love your Jammy Dodger sugar paste!


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