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Shropshire Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Last week, after months of waiting, the much anticipated visit by The Queen to Shropshire as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations arrived. The event was being held at RAF Cosford, the perfect location for 30,000 people as every year they have 40,00 spectators at the air show. After days of rain and hope upon hope the weather was glorious. So with tickets in hand, my sister, aunt and I jumped in the car and off we set. I'd anticipated tweeting my way through the day, sharing photos and updates of the events. An hour after we had arrived and the Queens arrival imminent, the area was in communications lock down and all mobile signals blocked - so much for that plan then!
Boultons of Shropshire - vintage coach
Love this - a royal peg doll
There were many activities planned throughout the day, live music and singing. There was a huge hanger housing the best of Shropshire businesses and organisations. There were many, many stands and the hanger was very busy. In the centre was a huge floral crown on display. The end of the pageant culminated in a half a mile parade of over 5,000 school children and organisations, themed with the different decades of the Queens 60 year reign.
The Queen in her coral pink outfit

Every family should have one - a Jubilee speed boat
Whilst browsing around the many stalls there were some fabulous food specialists from Shropshire. I discovered some wonderful granola from Shropshire Granola, they had a great show offer on  four bags of granola for £10. Which of course I could not resist.  

All three of us got tempted at the Ludlow Nut Co. stall they had an amazing array of nuts we had a large bag of honey roasted nuts, and chocolate Brazil's. I also tasted some dried mango, which although it did not look that appealing tasted delicious.

This is just a taster of the day, which was magnificent and was worth every minute of the 45 minutes we queued in the car when we arrived. The atmosphere was fun but relaxed and the flag waving infectious. Just before the Queen left the High Sheriff of Shropshire encouraged the crowd to give the Queen three cheers. As Shropshire is so special we should give four cheers. Not sure if that made us look like we were honouring The Queen or, made us look country bumpkins who just did not know how to count! 


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  1. Thanks for bringing the Diamond Jubilee Pageant to us. Sounds lots of fun and pride in there.


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