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Easy Rhubarb Turnovers Recipe

A great alternative to Rhubarb crumble! I have started to get into the habit of bookmarking a recipe I like on a blog, or to Pin it on Pinterest. Much better than  spending hours trying to remember which of the many blogs I think I have seen a wonderful recipe on.
Rhubarb Turnovers a Rhubarb Recipe
At this time of year I start to get quite a store of stewed rhubarb collecting in the freezer, as the harvesting of the rhubarb from the garden comes to an end. I knew I had seen a recipe that would be perfect for using defrosted fruit from the freezer, a change from the usual crumble. 

So as I already have my stewed rhubarb defrosting the only other main ingredient I need is a packet of ready made puff pastry. Which lucky for me I already had in the fridge, having used a small amount to make Salmon en croute. 
Stewed rhubarb
Packet of ready made puff pastry
Beaten egg

  • Preheat your oven to 200 degrees C
  • You need to cut the pastry into squares, size of the squares depends on how hungry you are!  
  • Fold them diagonally lightly to form a triangle then fold it back to a square
  • Use a little egg wash around the edges and add a small amount of the stewed rhubarb.
  • Fold the pastry and seal*
  • Place on a lined baking sheet 
  • Egg wash the turnovers and sprinkle with sugar

*I loved Urvashi's tip when sealing the edges with a fork, dip it in flour to stop it sticking to the pastry - it worked a treat and looked great.

Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes depending on the size of your turnovers, you will know when they are baked they will have risen evenly and be lovely and puffed up.

Leave to cool, then tuck in.

I made a number of large Rhubarb Turnovers and a few smaller ones, they looked far much more dainty. These were dished out on Fathers Day and tasted fabulous, will definitely try these with other fruits.
Rhubarb Turnovers Easy Recipe
Rhubarb Turnovers using packet Puff Pastry
I am posting this recipe as part of the Bookmarked Recipes Challenge hosted by Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes and founded by Ruth from Ruth's Kitchen Experiments.

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  1. This looks sooo good..thanks for sharing. My rhubarb plant has gone crazy this year..so lots of rhubarb to use up, so any new rhubarb recipe is welcome :) Thanks!
    Magie x

    1. i LOVE rhubarb.... was just given some rhubarb and made some yummy muffins - recipe is on my blog - playdohandpoo.blogspot.com

  2. these look delicious. we made rhubarb muffins yesterday and i couldn't resist eating them for breakfast! Becca

  3. I have awarded your blog with an award ‘The Versatile Blog’ and if you want to have a read about it please see my blog. Thank you.

  4. We finally got our allotment plot and we've inherited one with plenty of rhubarb. These look delicious, I'll have to give them a go.


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