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Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

After weeks of planning and making preparations the day of  the Diamond Jubilee Party arrived. Heavens knows how the Queen managed with all her party arrangements, although I think she may have been given a hand. With family, friends and neighbours all arriving the house soon filled up. Alas the constant rain prevented any hopes of a garden party. The house was decorated both inside and out with Union Jacks galore, and guests were invited to dress in red, white and blue. 
Food, bunting and a letter from the Queen
Sausage and Herb Rolls
Jubilee Pork Pie
Grapes or Pineapple and Cheese on Sticks

Auntie Betty's Jubilee Trifle
Fruit Cake
Jubilee Fairy Cakes
Raspberry and White Chocolate Crown Cakes
Mars Bar Chocolate Cake
Jubilee Shortbread

The centre piece of the savoury buffet was a magnificent commemorative Diamond Jubilee pork pie, from the renown Eleys of Ironbridge. Few visitors to Ironbridge leave without calling into Eleys of Ironbridge for a pie or pasty.  
Eleys of Ironbridge Jubilee Pork Pie
There was, of course, a selection of cakes and sweets. The centre piece of the dessert buffet was Auntie Betty's Jubilee Trifle - always a big hit at family gatherings, this was the first dessert to disappear. 

It was not all about the food. My mum has quite a collection of Jubilee related material from the Coronation and the Silver and Gold Jubilees. I displayed some of these items, which made for fascinating reading.
Shropshire Star tea towel

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  1. It sounds like a fun Jubilee Celebration (despite the rainy weather). What a Jubilee feast as well, everything looks so delicious!
    The Coronation books would have sure been interesting to look at..it was nice you had them out on display for people to have a peak at.
    Magie x

  2. What a lovely looking feast! Wish I was there to have a nibble, also, a party with books to read - can't think of anything more perfect!
    Love your headpiece. X

  3. Thankyou for dropping by simply.food and for the vote its very much appreciated.

  4. An amazing spread and I loved the memoribillia touch too, the food looks fab and I think I might have had one of those famous pork pies AND pasty in the past too. x

  5. Ahhhh that's really a very lovely spread! And oh so pretty too :D

    Jo x

  6. Wow! Gorgeous feast for the Jubilee Celebration with amazing treats! Love the way you've presented them so beautifully! So festive! :)

  7. Wowsers...that's quite a celebration!! All the food looks amazing...I'm so impressed with your spread! :-)

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