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Carnival and Cake

The weekend saw the return of my local carnival, following a break last year. Wellington Carnival started with a parade in town making it's way to the local park, where lots of activities took place throughout the day.
Snowy the donkey with my niece 
The parade consisted of Girl Guiding groups, a local pub raising money for Help for Hero's, The Birmingham Irish Pipers (who were very good and I hope they come back next year), the Carnival Queen of course, Chinese Dragon dancers, the Lions Club and Boys Brigade.

In the park there was a great display from the Whitchurch Dog Display Team, a real crowd pleaser.  Feather Perfect Falconry had some magnificent birds of prey, sadly I missed the falconry display they put on in the arena. However I did get to see some of the birds up close. There were donkey rides too, much to the delight of my niece. 
I think this maybe Casper
the Common Kestrel
This year there was a special food area with a Pig Roast, Samosa, Mexican, Indian, Cakes and cake stalls to name but a few and of course a beer tent.  

Of course drawn to all the cakes displayed at The Little Round Cake Company stall. I picked three cakes, a white chocolate brownie and two massive meringues. Obviously not all for myself, something to take home and enjoy a little later.
Little Round Cake Company
monster meringues

Little Round Cake Company
Sticky Toffee Pudding, Oreo Cookie,
Millionaires Shortbread cakes
I just hope Wellington Carnival continues next year, for all those involved in its organisation - thank you!

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  1. Mmmm! Cake!!!!

    They were really tasty. Beer tent + cake tent next to each other! Ideally situated!


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