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Spring Garden Tour - Part 1

Copper Beech dominates the view
There is no doubting that we have had plenty of rain for weeks now. The good news - the garden is pleased! Although the Daffodils have now faded, its seen an explosion of life for the shrubs, flowers and trees in the garden. So I thought it was about time a gave you a Spring tour of the back garden. It was not the sunniest of days, but at least it wasn't raining.


The Clematis 'Early Sensation' has had it's best year for flowering, and is most impressive. The Auricula's this year have also done exceptionally well, and with an increasing number I need to think of a better way of displaying them.
Early Sensation
Ferns and Hosta
Alpine Auricula
I need an Auricula Theatre
Pansies and Hosta
Peony waiting to flower and Erysium mauve

Fruit and Vegetables

The Rhubarb is already bigger than that shown in the photo below, although it will be picked in the next day or so. This year I may even have a few Blackcurrants thanks to a cutting from fellow blogger Living is a great adventure. See look how well its growing!
New Blackcurrant plant

First sowing of Broadbeans, Dwarf French Beans and Salad
Bags of potato's just peaking through
Row of Strawberries


There are lots on seedlings and young plants in the greenhouse, here are just a few. I forgot to take a photo of my tomato plants, but they are growing at a rapid pace and have just been transplanted into bigger pots.
Sweet Peas, Dwarf Balsam, Canterbury Bells, Cosmos
Pansies, Knautia Macedonica and Lettuce
In the coming weeks I will give you a tour of the front garden, hopefully in the sunshine.
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  1. I was admiring the clematis in one of my neighbour's garden yesterday and I'd just worked out that it was Early Sensation when I read your post. It seems to have been a great year for this particular clematis - I'm very envious. I love those auriculas, too.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments Phil the clematis is still going strong and the auriculas look great when the suns out!


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