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Union Jack Recipe File and Magnetic Notepad Review

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re flicking through a magazine, you spot a recipe that catches your eye, you think, 'ooh I like the sound of that'.  You carefully tear out the page, (you do this in stealth mode if it's your sister's magazine – sshh!), pop it to one side or fold it in half and place it by your recipe books.   A few weeks or months later you recall the recipe and plan to bake it. You sort through the collection of magazine cuttings, which by now are all scrunched up and have become jammed at the back of the bookcase. But the cutting you were sure was there, cannot be found; yet you were sure you had ‘popped it’ somewhere safe – darn it!

So, imagine my delight when K Two Products sent me a Recipe File and Magnetic Notepad to review for them. You should all know by now that I love my baking, so I was delighted that the Recipe File design I was sent not only pictured cakes but also had a Union Jack on the front. The perfect compliment to my kitchen and all things Jubilee related – hurrah! Double hurrah then that the Magnetic Notepad contained the same design - hurrah, hurrah! 

I had a mass of magazine cuttings that required sorting through and categorising.

The Recipe File consists of strong hardback covers, several Index Pages, pockets to store your cuttings and recipe cards for you to complete. Although I wish the Index Pages were double sided.   Using the side tabs you can choose how to categories your recipes - mine were mostly sweet recipes so I split my cuttings into Cakes and Desserts along with a section for Jams.  There are 45 clear pockets and if you put your cuttings in back to back you can file double the number. The clear pockets flip over easily so you can set up the organiser to display the recipe you want to use. The clever design means that the built in stand allows the organiser to stand up on its own - no need to lean it up against something on the kitchen work surface. A number of my well used recipes also contain grease marks, as a result of me  handling the recipe whilst baking. The clear pockets protect your cuttings from messy hands and work surfaces. There are even some blank recipe cards for you to write up your own recipes.

Notepad confession time! The Union Jack magnetic notepad is being exclusively used for all my Jubilee related To Do lists, including shopping lists, guest lists and actions amongst other lists! I’m ever so slightly a list freak, did you guess?  The notepad itself is magnetic, which is great if you have a fridge or freezer in your kitchen, that way it’s always at hand to add to or tick off items.  I have a magnetic notice board in my kitchen so this is where my notepad ‘hangs out’, and if it's well behaved it even gets a trip out to the shops with me, and experiences some major ‘ticking off’!
My Notepad hanging around 
K Two Products have a great choice of Recipe Files, Notepads, Address Books and other stationery items, with lots of designs to help keep you organised. If you like the look of the Union Jack Recipe File and Notepad you can buy them for a special price at the moment of £15.99, normally £18.98

Many thanks to K Two Products who sent me the Recipe File and Shopping List for the purposes of this review.
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  1. FABULOUS review for items that I would be happy to have in my kitchen too! LOVING your Jubilee posts!


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