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Ironbridge - Tea, Cake and Shopping

I am lucky to have a UNESCO World Heritage site on my doorstep, the Ironbridge Gorge. Not only is there oodles of history to immerse yourself in, there's also lots of lovely shops and places to eat. On a recent trip I discovered a reasonably new addition to the Gorge, Ironbridge Antiques, Arts and Craft Centre and not forgetting the tea room. There is an amazing collection of over 50 stalls in the centre, there is something for everyone. I was particularly taken with the craft, antiques and glass wear stalls. Best of all, the stalls are from local crafters and suppliers. I had a good browse around and had my eye on a few items, but it was then I came upon the tea room.

Tea Room
There are some special touches to tea room area, it has a real vintage crafters feel to it. All these little extras have you looking around at your surroundings, and the lovely dressers full of goodies.

I chose tea, of course, and a slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake. Both of which were wonderful, I do think that tea tastes so much better in a china cup and saucer. There are even special glass teapots, for fruit teas so you can enjoy the tea visually as well as by taste and scent. Next time I visit I will be going fruity! 

Whilst there I was chatting to Donna who runs the centre. We were discussing how unique it was to have somewhere that helps small local businesses get their goods for sale to a bigger audience. This includes all the cakes which are baked locally.

  • China cups and saucers
  • Loose tea and tea strainer
  • Adorable tea cosys
  • Fabulous choice of cakes 
I don't know how I resisted this cake
It was a rather a wet day when I visited so did not get to enjoy my tea outside by the river - will hopefully pick a better day weather wise next time I visit. A little later I also got to enjoy a strawberry cupcake thanks to Donna's gentle persuasion, which I shared with my sister once she arrived. Sharing cake - this is something that happens rarely where I'm concerned!

Are you feeling hungry yet?
So what did I buy. Well I could not resist the spoon rests made from glass bottles, I've never seen these before and thought they were rather amazing! I also treated myself to a small cream enamelled dish.

Spoon rests the new way to recycle  - genius!

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  1. What a lovely tea shop. If a tea shop does tea well, it usually follows that they do good cake too in my experience. I used to visit a friend who lived quite close to Ironbridge and have very fond memories of it. BUT what is really weird is, I can only remember the bridge and had no idea there were shops and cafes around - my excuse is that it was probably 20 years ago since I last went there.

    1. Thanks Choclette, its odd what you remember sometimes, but there would be no forgetting the bridge :)


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