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I'm off to BlogCamp UK

So its nearly here, what I hear you ask? Blog CampUK of course, on Saturday I am off to Birmingham to meet lots of other fellow bloggers.

Name: Angela

Blog: Garden Tea Cakes and Me

Twitter: @daisyangel1

My Blog’s About: My love of gardening, baking and my indulgence in afternoon tea with friends and family

Likes: the seasons, cake, period dramas and sugar on toast

Dislikes: Vinegar and all pickled produce, shop assistants who serve you but totally ignore you and high shelves.

Please look out for me I'm a little shy or should that be I'm little and shy, but if you spot cake that's where you'll find me!

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  1. I'm off to blog camp too...I'll keep an eye out for you, although I'll probably be by the cake too! :-)

  2. Sounds like fun..have a great time! :)
    Magie x

  3. Hope you had a great time - I sort of rather wished I'd gone now. It's good to meet up with other bloggers - or at least I hope you found it was good :-S

    1. You so should of come, it was fabulous meeting other bloggers particularly the foodie ones and there was lots of advice available


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