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Afternoon Tea - Nice But Not So Naughty

Anyone care for a sandwich?
As you know from previous posts we have regular family afternoon tea get togethers. Our latest get together was hosted by my mum. Look closely, for all the cups and saucers, cake stands, bon bon dishes, plates and glasses have come from charity shops, even the wonderful tablecloth. It all looked magnificently upcycled and  vintage!

Time to get down to the important matter of what we had to eat and drink.


Cucumber Sandwiches
Chicken Sandwiches
Egg Sandwiches
Salmon Sandwiches


No Fat Sponge Cake
Vanilla and Lemon Meringue Kisses


Tea - Darjeeling Castleton Moonlight

No Fat Cake
Now I confess that normally we would go all out with the butter and cream when it comes to cakes and goodies. But at the moment one of us eating low fat, so I thought it only fair we all did our bit and joined in.  Hence the reason why I made a No Fat Sponge Cake, in the spirit of being sisters one for all and all for one, and all that! I will be posting more details about the No Fat Cake later this week. 

I think you will agree my mum dressed the table beautifully, she also made the lovely sandwiches. One of my sisters made the Vanilla and Lemon Meringue Kisses these were delightful, particularly the ones with the lemon cream, very refreshing. The Florentines were not homemade but shop bought, yes that's right they were out of a packet, reasonably small and dainty but not particularly spectacular.

For refreshments I had a special tea we were trying for the first time. A black Darjeeling tea Castleton Moonlight second flush from Canton Tea Co. A few months back they had a little giveaway and I was lucky enough to be selected the winner of a canister of tea. I don't know what I was expecting from the tea but it was truly fragrantly refreshing, in taste and scent. If it was possible to describe a tea as tasting and smelling beautiful then this would be the tea. 

Meringue Kisses
We all enjoy our get togethers and I'm sure we will start planning our next one soon, it's most delightful way to spend a couple of hours eating cake and relaxing and catching up with the gossip.

I will however be awaiting the fall out from this post when it is seen by my aunt and cousin, love you both!   
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  1. Love the sound of the Meringue kisses and interested to hear if the no fat cake still tasted good?

  2. Love your "no-fat" cake party. Everything looks very delicious and pretty and amazingly, they are low in their fat content.

  3. Oooh that looks so beautiful.....and delish!!

  4. I love the idea of having a tea party get together with family members..makes me wish mine lived closer. The table is set so nicely and the food looks yummy! I haven't tried that type of tea before, sounds interesting :)

  5. I do love a good afternoon tea. Something to take your time over and savour. Hopefully this year we will be buying our first house and moving in together - then we can have an afternoon tea party or two, or three.....

  6. What a lovely table full with delicious treats! Your low fat cake looks tasty & lovely! I love tea time party where we can sit all together & have a good time savoring delicious bakes. I collect vintage china wears & table cloths too. That's why I totally love your beautiful table with those amazing vintage china! Looking forward to see more of your tea party post & your low fat cake recipe! Have a lovely day! :)

  7. That's such a lovely idea and a beautiful looking tea, I especially love the look of the meringue kisses. Congratulations on your free tea, it sounds wonderful.

  8. the whole tea looks gorgeous! I have nothing against fat, in fact I love my butter, but am intrigued anyway by the idea of a no-fat sponge cake, and how you managed to get it look just as good!

  9. Looks fantastic! I love afternoon tea, it's so sweet that your family get together and have it regularly! I would love to do it with my friends! xxx

  10. I love afternoon tea and that no fat cake looks great too! The table decorations look really pretty and I wouldn't have guessed they were from charity shops, more like from a high end vintage shop :)

  11. I think everything is lovely :*)


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