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Strawberry Valentine Tarts

As the nursery rhyme says 'The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts all on a Summers day' well it may not be Summer and I'm not royalty but I can sure make a tart or two. I have a lovely jar of last years homemade strawberry jam open and what better way to enjoy it than in a simple jam tart.  As Valentines Day is upon us I thought I would add a little romance to my tarts, and put my new   heart shaped cutter to use. The cutter was included with the January issue of Love Baking Cupcakes & Sweet Treats Magazine, which I discovered whilst browsing my newsagents earlier this month.

I made my sweet pastry tarts using:-

  • butter 
  • plain flour 
  • caster sugar 
  • an egg
  • strawberry jam

Twelve minutes later in a hot oven and wonderful Strawberry Jam Tarts. Just perfect with a cup of tea in one of my favourite china cup and saucers, feet up and relax browsing my magazine. Most enjoyable!

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  1. Perfect for Valentine's Day! I haven't made jam tarts since I was a child! I am a bit scared of making my own pastry, so I would have to cheat! xx

  2. They remind me of my childhood - my mother would always make me a few jam tarts every time she made an apple tart for everyone else!

  3. Love the look of these pretty romantic strawberry tarts. I love homemade strawberry jam too. Sounds yummy & Valentine indeed!

  4. Those are just so sweet (and yummy looking), the perfect Valentines treat! I think they would also be great for an 'Alice and Wonderland' theme tea party :) I have never made my own jam tarts before, but I may have to give these a try..

  5. Wow such gorgeous tarts, I'm very tempted to try and jump through the screen to get one! I hope you enjoy them! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/

  6. A WONDERFUL entry thanks so much! You always come up with the most delicious things for Tea Time Treats and these are no exception! Karen xx


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