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I thought long and hard in the New Year about deciding whether I should make a New Year's Resolution, one that I would stick to and not falter on after only a few weeks. I had decided I wanted to connect it to my blog in some way. So what could it be? Well apart from the big clue at the top of this post I guess its time I revealed it.   

Shropshire's Best Blog Badge

There you have it Shropshire's Best. Whether that be food, a country house or garden to visit or even a shop that takes my fancy. When I discover something I think the world should know about I will post it here on my blog. I will use the Shropshire's Best blog badge for each special blog post so you will all know when I'm shouting out about Shropshire. 

If you discover something that is Shropshire's Best and think I should know about it, then tweet me or leave me a blog comment. Or if you blog about something amazing in Shropshire add the badge to your post, using the grab code below.

So what do you think to my new blog badge, do you like it? Best not to answer that, I will only go and sulk in the corner if you say no. I have to thank Nickie over at I am Typecast blog for her amazing tutorials that make blogging so much easier. I'd also like to thank @TwitTottee and @KarenBurnsBooth over on Twitter for offering to help make my blog badge should I have needed it.  Although I'm sure both would of completed a more professional job than I. This is what I love about blogging you learn new skills and there is such a friendly group of people happy to help or point you in the right direction.


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  1. Shrewsbury Bakehouse in Shrewsbury (obvs!) does the most amazing pastry I have ever had, it's raspberry and white chocolate and completely delish! and in my opinion Queenie's in your fair town do the best cupcakes Shropshire wide...and they're in my top 5 Nation wide too and I've eaten at a LOT of cupcakeries!


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