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A Garden Mystery to Solve

Its been a lovely day for gardening and as I pottered around in the sunshine I came upon a couple of gardening mysteries. I'm hoping that someone, somewhere will don their deerstalker and with the help of the picture clues below solve this green fingered mystery.

Mystery One

Help solve mystery plant one
Last Autumn I discovered a young seedling in the garden which I thought was an Erysimum, one of many I have in the garden.  Having popped it into the corner of a pot its grown rather well considering be outside, and that's just the problem it no longer looks quite like an Erysimum.  Which begs the question what could it be?

Mystery Two

Help solve mystery plant two
Found in a patch of bluebells which was kindly donated from a friend last year.  I have potted it into its own pot until I can discover what it is. Do you know what it is?  

Please leave a comment below if you think you can help.

No such thing as a mystery when it comes to the rest of the plants in the garden, which are looking particularly pretty in the sunshine.


Dragonfly, not quite a plant I know
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  1. Hi - the first plant is a Euphorbia called caper spurge and the second looks like it might be a tulip - my 'Red Riding Hood' have leaves like that.

    I see you're going to BlogCamp in Brum in April (I came over from Lavender and Lovage) - I hope to see you there :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and solving my mysteries, I have a Euphorbia in the front garden that looks nothing like the Caper Spurge.

      I don't have too many tulips in my garden so this rogue bulb is most welcome, particularly if its a red one.

      Yes I'm off to BlogCamp too, it will be my first one so really looking forward to it. Will keep my eyes peeled for you :)

  2. I agree with VP. The first is euphorbia lathyris - the caper spurge - and the second looks to me like it might be a tulip. There are a number of tulips with similar leaves but I reckon that Red Riding Hood is a very good guess.

    1. Thanks Phil I knew there would be fellow bloggers who would hold the answers. Will let you all know what the tulip looks like when it blooms :)

  3. I have the same plant in the garden like your first mystery plant. Have no idea what it is, and don't particularly like it either. :)

  4. I must admit I haven't seen the first plant before..but like others have said the second one looks like a tulip (I have a few tulips with leaves just like that one). What pretty flowers! It is always nice to see the first flowers and know that spring is on it's way :)

  5. A-HA! I have mystery plant number 1 in my garden and now I know what it is... Thank you!

  6. I knew tulip, but hadn't a clue about the first plant. I must admit, I would have asked my mum rather than showing my ignorance to the world. Gorgeous hellebore, I'll have to see if I can squeeze one in to this tiny garden. I haven't had much success with them before, slugs seem to love them.


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