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A Dream of a Flan

I just have to share this blast from the past with you all.  If you could choose any cake for your birthday what would it be?

a) Chocolate Fudge 
b) Victoria Sponge 
c) Coffee and Walnut 
d) or something else  

This was the question posed to my mum at the weekend, and she selected option d) something else.  That something else she wanted was a sponge flan with pineapple and dream topping filling. That's correct, has to be dream topping not fresh cream, otherwise it would not be the 1970's would it.  Something I fondly remember my mum making for us all when we were younger.  So my sister stepped up to the plate, literally, and took on the task.  I've noted down the ingredients for you as there are a lot - you've been warned.


  1. Homemade sponge flan
  2. Large tin of crushed pineapple
  3. Packet of Dream Topping
  4. Grated chocolate for decoration

Years ago when my mum made this she would use the shop bought sponge flans, so by doing so you could turn this into a real speedy treat.  Be sure to include some of the pineapple juice so that it soaks into the sponge.  
Happy Birthday Mum!
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  1. hmmm..hard choice but I think I would choose either a black forest cake or a tiramisu :) The pineapple sponge flan sounds really easy to whip up..I will have to give it a go sometime. It looks delicious!
    A Happy Birthday to your Mum!

  2. Happy birthday to your Mum!
    I just found your blog and I loved it! Am a happy follower now! Visit me at:
    Hope to c u around!

  3. Coffee & walnut cake sounds great to me. I don't mind this flan at all. It looks lovely & cute , great birthday flan! I'm sure your Mum is delighted with this flan. Happy birthday to your Mum! :)

    1. Its funny you should choose Coffee & Walnut my brother in law has already requested this for his birthday cake this year, so watch out come April when its sure to make an appearance on my blog.

  4. It would ALWAYS be a cheesecake for me! What a lovely site you have here, am following you on Google now, see you again soon! Lin xx

  5. Welcome to my new followers hope you continue to enjoy my blog :)

    If I had to choose a cake I think I would go for a big Chocolate cake with lots of chocolate buttercream!

  6. Oh lord this takes me back - I'd forgotten all about dream topping!!!

    Given the choice, I would got for some sort of layered meringue with cream and strawberries or even shortcake layers - ooh, now there's an idea!

  7. Wow that looks so yummy, I've always wanted to try and make one and eat it! Pineapple would be amazing! For my birthday I would probably choose a Chocolate Fudge cake with loads and loads of buttercream! My Mum's Victoria Sponge with her Homemade Blackberry and Apple Jam would go down well too! A Victoria Sponge with Fresh Cream and Strawberries in and in the top would be amazing as well! I'm hungry now! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/


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