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Mince Pies - The Outtakes!

I know I have already shared with you my wonderful mince pies, well now I'm going to share with you the 'Outtakes'.

When I made my mince pies I also decided to top some of the with marzipan.  Now marzipan is something I really dislike, but I'd received a special request for it so though I would oblige, being in the Christmas spirit and all that.  I know you don't normally bake marzipan, and when making a Simnel Cake you would normally grill the marzipan topping.  But I gambled that the mince pies would not be in the oven all that long so they should be fine. 

As it turned out the marzipan did not burn, but it certainly didn't retain its snowflake shape, ah what a pity.  So although I'm not ashamed of them, well ok maybe a little, I'm not to proud to include a photo of what I like to call the Mince Pie Outtakes. Feel free to laugh away :)

Can you spot the mince pie (top left in the picture) with the sugar paste snowflake.  I got a little carried away with the lustre spray and decided to give the rest of the mince pie a spray too, only to realise that this made it look mouldy *eek*. I've now placed the lustre spray safely out of my reach back in the cupboard!
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  1. lmao, that really made me laugh. I am not a great baker...and I don't generally make 'pretty' things! I am in such admiration for those who do...and it's lovely to see that it goes wrong for you all too sometimes *grin*

  2. Hey they don't look so bad, not as nice as the pristine one, but I would eat them!

  3. I like the honesty. As Janice says, I'd still eat them!

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