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Cake International and My Shopping Spree

On Friday this week, I along with two friends went to the first day of Cake International at the NEC Birmingham.  We arrived ten minutes before the show opened and boy you should of seen the queues!  A lesson learnt from last year we decided to hit the stalls first and the cake exhibits last.

So yes I did have a shopping list, and some items I can tick off the list but as predicted I deviated - yay!

So he is a list of my haul.

  • Cake Pops starter kit
  • Button moulds
  • 2 tier cup cake carrier - when I got home and removed the cellophane I found the corner was smashed, I've emailed the company so hopefully they can replace.
  • Edible glue
  • Strawberry flavouring
  • cupcake shaped cutters
  • Bow cutter
  • White rolling board
  • Set of 4 glitter
  • 5 packs of coloured sugar paste
  • Set of 3 piping nozzles
  • Black pen - edible ink
  • The Mat 
  • 12 month subscription to Cake Craft and Decoration magazine - included a bottle of silver metallic colour and a set of Christmas moulds

What a shame

There were as usual some amazing cake on display and here are a few of my favourites, sorry for the quality of the photos but it was rather busy and you could not linger at each cake long.

Amazing, such detail but must of been a nightmare to transport
These lovely cakes were in the junior class
As a keen gardener I loved this little veg patch
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  1. I've heard for the Cup Cake Case Carrier company and it looks like they will replace the damaged tier. Excellent news I have lots of cupcakes waiting to be transported to a party !


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