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National Baking Week

Anyone that enjoys baking will have found it hard to escape the fact that it's National Baking Week this week.  To celebrate this event I have been busy doing some baking of my own.

Key Lime Pie
A special request from my parents for their 47th Wedding Anniversary. This is a favourite recipe courtesy of BBC Food, so if it takes your fancy here it is BBC Food Key Lime Pie

Normally I would drizzle dark chocolate artistically across the pie. However, this time I decided to practice my chocolate piping onto parchment paper. Once cooled I carefully transferred the chocolate onto the pie.  Looking at it now, I realise I should of also piped the word 'Wedding'- never mind, too late now!

Iced Buns
Inspired by The Great British Bake Off and also wanting to try my hand at baking something I had never made before, I was tempted by Iced Buns.   I followed the recipe as featured on the show.  Though time consuming, these were very easy to make and I can not begin to describe just how amazing they tasted.  

I also made Rock Buns and Cherry Buns, but they were not around long enough for me to photograph.

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  1. Ooooh your iced buns look amazing! And delicious :)

    Jo x

  2. I love Key Lime, one of my favourites. Yours looks yummy!

  3. Key lime pie looks amazing and I'm mighty impressed with your chocolate writing / drizzling technique. I wanted to have a go at the iced buns too after seeing the GBBO how to - there's just never enough time in the day. Yours look amazing.

  4. Oh I missed this before. What a great job you did of the piping and your iced buns look just like Paul Hollywoods, that was the one thing I really wanted to bake after GBBO as well, funny how some bakes really resonate.

  5. Oh my goodness these cakes look awesome! I'm not usually a cake lover but I think this baby bump has a sweet tooth! I only wish I could bake...

  6. Happy 47th anniversary to your parents. I have to say that is (or should I write 'was') an awesome looking cake.


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