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Halloween Red Velvet Cakes and Ghost Meringues

If you're of a nervous disposition look away now, or be prepared to be scared silly.   OK, so you've chosen the scared silly option - good choice.  For Halloween this year I decided to make some spooky cupcakes, and for the first time I made Red Velvet cupcakes.   I used the recipe from the Eric Lanlard & Patrick Cox cookbook called Cox, Cookies & Cake published by Octopus Books.  

I confess that I'm vinegar phobic so substituted the vinegar in the recipe for lemon juice. I opted to top off the cupcakes with the vanilla butter cream frosting.   
Blood red cake mixture
Chocolatey Red Velvet Cakes
A few weeks ago when I made a Key Lime Pie I decorated it with hearts piped from melted chocolate.  I had a lot of chocolate left in the piping bag, so planning ahead I decided to make some chocolate toppers for my Halloween cupcakes.  I piped them onto baking parchment, once cooled still leaving them on the baking parchment I cut them out.  I stored them in an air tight container in the fridge.  I'm really quite pleased with how they turned out,  though you really do have to move quick when piping melted chocolate. You can not afford to stop, it has to be in one continuous movement.
Chocolate cake toppers
I thought that would be it for the decorating of my cakes, but the recipe for the Red Velvet Cupcakes left me with two egg whites to use up.  Having spotted a Halloween post on Please Do Not Feed The Animals blog, I was inspired to make some spooky meringues.  Now I admit that this did not go exactly to plan, when I piped the first two ghosts it was obvious my mixture was too loose, which you may spot on the photo.  So back into the mixing bowl for another minute or two with the electric whisk and the mixture was back on track.   I painted on the scary face using a tiny amount of black cake decorating gel.

Check out the sloppy meringue at the back!
They were transported very carefully to my aunts Halloween party, so as not to get damaged and here they are on display on my sisters special Halloween cake stand. I will definitely be making Red Velvet Cupcakes again using this recipe. I admit to being a little dubious at first when it used egg yolks not the whole eggs, but the cakes where moist, light and very tasty.
Who you gonna call?

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  1. what brilliant cupcakes, perfectly spooky!

  2. I love the ghostly meringues! Great idea.

  3. PS: sorry didn't mean to be 'anonymous' on my Comment - my blog is www.beadbagsfoodee.blogspot.com
    Kind regards, Shirley I.

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