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Cucumbers a mixed year

I wanted to share my gardening disaster with you.

I always seem to have great success with growing cucumbers, well at least for the first month or two and then disaster strikes in the form of Red Spider Mite.    I usually manage to get 4 or 5 cucumbers before the plants loose their fight, I spray water and try keeping the greenhouse damp as I don't like to use insecticide but to no avail.

Later in the season I sowed some Lemon Cucumber seeds, I've never grown these before but I thought why not how much of a disaster could they be.  Well true to form, the plant started well and looked healthy with lots of flowers and lovely green leaves but very few cucumbers appearing.   I did manage to get one cucumber of each of the two plants - whoopee!

Well here they are and don't they look pitiful, only the size of a tomato.  I won't be growing Lemon Cucumbers again, in fact next year I may not bother growing cucumbers at all.  I think we need some time apart!

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  1. Don't lose heart! Everybody I know had a bad yesr for cucumbers this year (including me!). They just SAT there and did nothing. I usually grow mine quite successfully outdoors, and am never bothered with Red Spider Mite. Maybe you should try outdoor varieties too?


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