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Banoffee Pie - is it really baking?

So up until last week I had never eaten Banoffee Pie, I know I can hear you now "what never eaten Banoffee Pie, where has she been". I generally only like Banana in its fruit form not food that's made or flavoured with it. The only exception being Banana Loaf.  However, my uncle had made a special request for Banoffee Pie for his birthday and I volunteered to make it.  

Having looked at the recipe (I used the one on Nestle's Condensed Milk website), I decided that maybe it didn't seem so bad as it only had slices of the fruit in it.  Whenever I've seen Banoffee Pie in a shop or eating out somewhere its usually a goopy mess of banana slop.

no removable bottomed flan dish - diy job.

weigh it 
crush it - melt it
flatten it 
open a can - empty it
peel it - slice it
 I decided to only add the banana's and cream an hour before serving to avoid the goopy banana situation.  Now, what I want to know is does all this opening of packets and tins really qualify as baking.  Other than melting the butter, whipping and pipping the cream there are no skills required. 

Having said that who cares I've now found another banana recipe I like!  
whip it - grate it
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  1. That looks really yummy! I love banoffee pie x

  2. I've never made this either, but it looks fabulous. Glad it worked and you've been won over.

  3. looks utterly delicious!

  4. Wow, I love Banoffee Pie, this looks amazing


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