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Afternoon Tea - October

There is nothing that I enjoy better than indulging in Afternoon Tea. Arriving at a nice swanky hotel, relaxing in a comfy chair whilst reading the extensive list of teas. Trying to decide, should I be tempted to try something a little different, maybe even exotic, or play it safe with a traditional tea.  Then there is the excitement of choosing which of the many cakes, scones or pastries to eat first. But wait I'm forgetting the sandwiches, well you do don't you.  You maybe eating them but your mind is already calculating just how much room will be left in your stomach for cake.  No? OK then, it's just me that does that!

My sisters pride and joy Chocolate Eclairs
But for someone who loves to bake, an afternoon tea at home is a perfect excuse to stop, sit, put your feet up and indulge in all things that are good - cake, cake and more cake.  That's why earlier this year my two sisters and my mum agreed to put dates in our dairies, to have our very own Afternoon Tea!

Cucumber Sandwiches
Chicken Sandwiches
Pistachio Biscuits
Fruit Cake
Chocolate Eclairs

Anyone for a sandwich

Nothing too fancy, depending on how much spare time we each had available we all contributed something.  My sister who was hosting the afternoon tea made Chocolate Eclairs.  I made the Pistachio Biscuits and my eldest sister made Fruit Cake, we also bought along the finger sandwiches. This put to good use the last of the cucumbers I had grown in the greenhouse this year. My mum as befitting of a mother was spoilt rotten by her daughters and did not have to lift a finger! 

There is nothing better than the chance to have a good natter without any distractions (such as my adorable five year old niece*), and of course enjoy a cup of tea in a lovely china cup and saucer.

*My niece will be most unhappy to know we dared to have tea and cakes whilst she was at school, it is only a matter of time until she discovers this blog!  

Pistachio Biscuits 

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  1. i love afternoon tea! everything looks so pretty and i love your teacups!!!

  2. how much fun you had, love it!!!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog - so glad to "meet" you and find your blog. This post immediately caught my eye - that looks like a wonderful afternoon tea. I especially love that you all set a date to do it and then did it in school hours - a wee bit naughty but I agree wholeheartedly with doing that! Love the fact you have done it properly - tablecloth, best china, lovely cakestands!
    I think I may very well copy this idea - it just looks so good. My boys aren't yet at school so I'll have to think of some way to persuade Steve to take them away for the day or something. Hee hee. Now to go and think about who I am going to invite. Thanks for a lovely idea.


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