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Shopping List

In November some friends and I are off to the Cake International Show at the NEC Birmingham, this will be only the second time I've been to the show.  We have also managed to get tickets for the Cake Pops and Piped Buttercream demonstration.

Not knowing what to expect last year I was unprepared for the large number of stalls with such a huge variety of goodies for sale.  This year I am going prepared I have a list, which I am sure will grow over the next month or so. 

Shopping List
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Chocolate candy melts chocolate, pink and peanut butter flavours
  • Shoe and button moulds
  • Cake boards
  • No.10 plain nylon piping tube
  • Texture sheets
  • Parchment triangles

Now is there anything I have missed off the list, mmm? note to self, must not buy paper cases I already have far too many!

Without a doubt I am sure I will deviate from the list.

Inspiration from a display at last years show
Graduation cakes for my cousin Verity, got the cake cases from last years show

I will of course report back in November following what I hope to be a successful shopping trip.

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  1. Ooh have a good time! Those graduation cakes look so good :) I'm getting a piping kit for christmas so hopefully mine will look a bit more professional! Haha xoxo


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