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The Gallery - A Happy Memory

This is my first contribution to The Gallery who's theme this week is A Happy Memory.  Its difficult to find one photo that captures this theme, the photo I've selected also makes me think of other tea and cake moments over the years!

Afternoon Tea is an opportunity for time out from all the distractions of life, to sit down and enjoy a lovely cup of tea with a cake to two.  This usually involves the females of the family my mum, my sisters, aunties, niece and cousin whether it be a few of us or all of us.

This obviously gives me the opportunity to do some baking and to use some of my many cakes stands and antique cups and saucers I've collected.  Both my sisters and I all love baking, I have been informed only this weekend that my sister has plans to make chocolate eclairs at our next relaxing afternoon tea time.

Tea and Cake - A Happy Memory
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  1. I love this, sounds like a lot of fun. Any excuse for some cake, tea and some fine china!

  2. Nothing is nicer than tea and cake. I'd love a cake stand - maybe for Christmas. Those cups and saucers are so beautiful. The sweet peas are really pretty as well. A lovely image.

  3. The cookie from Australia was great! Waiting now for the cakes to come along!


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