About Me

Name:  Angela
Lives:  Shropshire
The name of my blog gives you an insight into who I am.
Gardening - think of myself more of a Head Gardener than an Under Gardener don't really have the build for all that heavy digging!  Love growing veg, fruit and flowers particularly like the challenge of growing plants from seed or propagating.   I am also partial to entering the local village garden show, for the thrill mind not the winning! 

Afternoon Tea - yep you guessed it I love a cup of tea, particularly if its in a china cup and saucer and I happily embrace the whole afternoon tea tradition.  My favourite tea is English Breakfast and I also like a nice refreshing Peppermint Tea. If there is no teapot, I will only ever drink coffee!  

Cakes -   - I bake them, decorate them and of course eat them.   Not just cakes but puddings and biscuits too, I have a particularly sweet tooth.  I enjoy making birthday cakes for the family, especially if its a big birthday. 

Me -   Do you really want to know about me? I don't want to give too much away, I expect as time goes by more about me will be revealed in my blog posts. I've lived in Shropshire all my life, I have a keen interest in local history and have spent many years researching the family tree on my maternal side, whilst my sister researched the paternal side.  I have two elder sisters and a younger brother along with an adorable niece.

Angel the cat at play!

Keep an eye out for the photo's on my blog,  all photo's will have either been taken by myself or my sister who is much better at photography than I.  Please do not reuse them or anything else I publish on my blog without my permission.